जमीं और आसमां ✨

क्षितिज एक छलावा है ✨

Horizon is a Mirage ✨

Earth is protecting many .. but it can meet the sky only when it reaches the heights of sky. Sky is giving shelter to many but it can meet Earth only when it liquifies, changes its original state and rains over land . Earth and sky meeting at horizon is just a mirage.

I am trying to say here that to really meet someone or our goals, either we have to overcome our own insecurities and reach those heights mentally. Or if we achieve what we are supposed to according to our decision we will meet the sky that we are waiting for. But also if we put ourselves in place of sky then sometimes to reach some one who is low or not low but just at his place we have to melt our states a bit by reducing our ego, we can then rain over what we want and we can meet whom we want to meet ✨… While horizon is just an imagination of meeting of Earth and Sky . It gives us momentory poetic pleasure of them being together but that is not a reality. Both have to move to reach out to eachother ✨

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