Hindi poem

कोई तो आसपास रहता है !

कोई हवाओं की तरह बहता है ।
कोई दीवारों की कानो में कहता है ।
कोई बन्द दरवाजों में सहता है ।
आसपास कोई रहता है !

कोई पास होकर भी जूदा रहता है ।
कोई दूर होकर भी जुड़ा रहता है ।
कोई अपने में ही मस्त रहता है ।
आसपास कोई रहता है !

कोई तुम्हे पाने बहता है ।
कोई तुम्हारी राह में रहता है ।
कोई तुम्हे बुलाके ही रहता है ।
आसपास कोई रहता है !

कोई आखो से बाते कहता है ।
कोई बातो में खामोशी कहता है ।
सुनो तो हर कोई कुछ कहता है ।
आसपास जो कोई रहता है !

- उलुपी

Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels
Thank you for the pic !

When did we talk to our neighbours last time ? Have we ever read what they wrote through their body language ? Have we ever thought of what they could just say, by looking at our smiling faces and warm approach ? Are we that neighbour ? Can we just call up our neighbour today randomly and ask how they are ? Can we just open our door a little to let them communicate ? May be we will learn something new ! May be we will find some solutions ! May be we will have really good time ! May be we will build a good relation ! May be we will help them finding solution ! Can we talk to that stranger neighbour sitting next to us ? Have we left our limitations of judgement or being judged, to let more doors open ? Have we ever even visited our mind’s neighbouring thoughts ? Where ever we go, there is always going to be someone next to us. All we got to do is communicate !


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