Hindi poem

नारी !

नरक से भी बत्तर है,
जहा नारी का सम्मान नही !

नारी तेरी जननी है !
वासना का सामान नही !

जैसी तेरी करनी है,
वहा क्षमा का कोई स्थान नहीं !

बन जाएगी काली गर,
उस मंजर से तू अनजान नहीं !

अभीभी समय है बदलजा
क्या मा का प्यार याद नहीं ?

स्त्रीत्व अंश तुझमें भी है !
या अब तू ही इन्सान नहीं ?

अभीभी समय है सुधरजा !
ना गुम हो तेरा निशान कहीं !

– उलुपी

Photo by Dennis Magati from Pexels
Thanks !

This poem is dedicated to every woman out there ! In solidarity with Turkish women and all the women who are struggling to be safe, happy, successful, independent, live, love, shine, love themselves, to feel beautiful and at peace, to dream ! We women are an energy which is needed for existence of mankind ! We all are equal and equally important ! Everyone needs to put that in mind before it’s too late !

8 thoughts on “नारी !”

  1. Nice Ulupi!♥️
    I would like to add more points on this.

    We talk about gender equality,we talk about equal pays,but along with this considering all the problems which all women are facing,the problem doesn’t lie in her being a woman.It is us we human beings who are failing to see her like another human being.We are seeing her as a woman something very different than man.The biological difference is there which is well enough to differentiate.In other cases considering her and treating her simply like a other human being will solve all the problems.

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