Hindi poem

शक्ति !

तू प्रेम है, तू मुक्ति है !
कार्य की तू शक्ति है !
बुद्धि, धैर्य, तू भक्ति है !
तू छिनती आसक्ति है !
मातृत्व की अभिव्यक्ति है !
लक्ष्मी को जनती युक्ति है !
आत्मबल की योगिनी
तू योनी का सम्मान है !
अष्टभुजा फलदायिनी,
तू संसार का अभिमान है !
भेद क्या इसे स्त्री, पुरुष का ?
कण कण में विराजी शक्ति है !
नाश करके दुष्टता का ।
दया, क्षमा से देती मुक्ति है !
तू घुलजाए स्वभाव में
तेरी ही आस में हर व्यक्ति है !
तू मिलजाए हर राह में
नमन करता यहां हर व्यक्ति है!

– उलुपी

शक्ति, भक्ति, मुक्ति, बुद्धि, मातृ, करुणा, क्षमा, प्रेम, आत्मबल, अष्टभुजा, लक्ष्मी, योनी !
She is these all !
Energy, devotion, salvation, intelligence, motherhood, forgiveness, empathy, love, self-confidence, self-love. She has eight hands means, she can do amount of work which can be done only if eight hands are used. She is mindfulness required to earn, she is wealth. She is power and respect of vagina!

Her description and her names show all the thoughts that are needed to attend the mental health and complete well being of a person. She is not limited to any gender or thing. She is everywhere. The most primitive form of all. SHE IS AN ENERGY. Poem on her is just a composition of adjectives and verbs which are needed to be implemented to achieve complete well being of a person.

Today is ” Ghatasthapna “. And we worship this energy which will ultimately lead to incorporation of all these thoughts in our minds, by repeatedly chanting her names or praising her qualities! My mom says ..Ultimately doing our work with rational use of energy is PUREST way of worshiping her. A very joyful and Happy Navratri ✨ May this Navratri bring a lot of positive energy in everyone’s life ❤️

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