जमीं और आसमां ✨

क्षितिज एक छलावा है ✨ Horizon is a Mirage ✨ Earth is protecting many .. but it can meet the sky only when it reaches the heights of sky. Sky is giving shelter to many but it can meet Earth only when it liquifies, changes its original state and rains over land . Earth and… Continue reading जमीं और आसमां ✨

Hindi Quote

शिद्दत 🖤

🖤 When we are not able to understand whatever is happening . Whether it is a consequence of our own doing or it has just occurred as a change ... In any case we should live it to our fullest. With our hundred percent attention to what we are doing at that moment. If we… Continue reading शिद्दत 🖤


नदी मै 💙

जहां खो गए हैं बस उसी जगह को जहां मान ले तो ? शायद सारा जहां ही मिल जाए । राही खुद ही तो राह है मंजिल तक जाने की ..हर मोड़ पर एक राही खड़ा है देर है बस वहां थम जाने की ..मंजिल तक जाओगे गर संभलते संभलते.. फिर किसी राही से मिल… Continue reading नदी मै 💙

sketch and writing

She is all colours 🌼

She loves her all colours 🌼 I Tried Coloured pencil sketch 🎨 ...  Didn't write any poem .. felt like she herself is a poem ...poem full of colours, wisdom, hope, love, sacrifice, patience, Energy, equality, discipline, motherhood,devotion, independence. She is you ! Irrespective of gender, species,thing ...she is that energy which resides everywhere ..she… Continue reading She is all colours 🌼